A Warm and Beautiful Vermont House Filled with Wine and Laughter
Mike & Doreen, We had a really great time in your lovely Stone House in Chester. Lunch at The Country Girl, breakfast at Moon Dog, and lots of cooking in your wonderful kitchen. I surveyed the group for any criticisms or suggestions for improvement, and they were all gushing about how comfortable and warm and perfect everything was. Bonnie thought that a headboard on the queen bed in the upstairs room would make for easier pillow propping for bedtime stories. I thought that the coffee maker needed the right type of cone filters to prevent overflows and clogging. That's it. We loved the gas fire in the sitting room. The snow was perfect, by the way. Changes the way the whole town looks. We visited the Bookworm and picked up a nice portfolio edition of "Jane Eyre" and we took a cold walk through the town forest the day before the snow. Bonnie visited her namesake doll house in Chester, and she loved the quilt shop. The kids spent a few hours in the Scottish pub. Mostly, we stayed snug in the house, reading, playing games, watching "Wizard of Oz" (Bonnie's favorite) and "Wolf Hall" (a great series about Thomas Cromwell and Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII). We drank a few glasses of wine... Thanks again for all your advice and preparation. We may do it again next year! Best regards, Tom & Bonnie

January 2016
Plan your February ski trip @ The 1843 Stone House  - 3bd/2bath
Plan your February ski trip @ The 1843 Stone House - 3bd/2bath
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