Terrible experience
To start we received our check in instructions several days after our check in date. I had to call the office the day before to receive them so I could get the physical address. Once there, it being a holiday, their office was closed so I couldn't get the code to get into the building until later in the day because I had to use their emergency number which nobody answered and I had to wait for a reply hours later. After that the day went smoothly until the following day where after taking a shower I noticed some of their flaws. The lights were littered with bug bodies in their housing. The couch had multiple stains and dead bugs. The silverware and plates has dried food still left on then and placed in the cabinets. To summarize, it was disgusting. The air conditioning unit was placed in such an area in the photo that the hall that leads to the bedroom receives zero relief and is constantly hot and humid, the only relief is a ceiling mounted fan. The bathroom, after showering, I reached for a towel and the rack separated from the wall. It had obviously been this way because you could see where they tried to patch it up. The vent for the bathroom was covered in dirt and grime, it had not been cleaned in quite a while. The appliances were all in working order thankfully. This was it's only saving grace. You may be tempted by this illustrious view, but be forewarned. My girlfriend after the first day tried to go out and greet the day and couldn't even open the backdoor. I had investigated and forced it open to discover that the only way to fully close it is to have it derail. So once I get it back on track it will not fully close unless you make it which causes it to derail. This was pretty frustrating. Now for the icing on the cake. After the first day we picked up some local sweets packed in a box that we left on the counter, big mistake. Within that same day at night I noticed little movements around the box to discover to my dismay ants had infested this unit and you cannot leave food out here, even if it's in a box. Not only that but near the washing machine I discovered cockroaches as well. Upon further inspection I decided to check out the couch in greater detail as well as the bedding. I discovered little mites on the couch but thankfully the bed appeared "clean". For the price we paid to rent this unit I can say I would've gladly went out and rented a standard hotel to forego all their "amenities". In summary, avoid at all costs.

July 2015
UP TO 25% OFF  Maalaea 1 Bedroom Oceanfront condo near Aquarium
UP TO 25% OFF Maalaea 1 Bedroom Oceanfront condo near Aquarium
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