Worse than camping
The cabin is advertised as a romantic, private getaway. NOPE! From the moment I arrived at the check-in office, I knew something was not right. I was given an 'upgrade' without even requesting it. When I got to the cabin, the smell was so musty and gross that I gagged. There is no central a/c. I felt so very uncomfortable that I was not even able to sleep. I can't imagine that any cabin on the entire property would have met my expectations, based on the vrbo description. At 8am the next morning, I couldn't get my things in my car quickly enough. My boyfriend was not comfortable either. We were both so miserable that night that our 'romantic getaway to the mountains' had to be put on hold until we could find suitable accommodations. The manager called me on Sunday (our check-out day) to ask about my stay. I shared how terrible the experience was. I was offered no refund, no apology, NOTHING. She simply said she would notify the owner. I paid for two nights and left the required cleaning tip. Save yourself money and misery. Do not stay here!

June 2015
Jacuzzi Cabin in Central Maggie  - Sleeps 2
Jacuzzi Cabin in Central Maggie - Sleeps 2
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