Felt like home away from home.
There were three of us wrapping up nearly a two week long vacation in CO. This B&B was our next to last night before heading back to Ohio. We arrived late in the evening after a full day and were met in front of the house by the owner and one of her wonderful dogs. A nice greeting you will never get at a hotel. After a tour of the property we were given a great restaurant recommendation nearby which we thoroughly enjoyed. We returned as it was getting dark and on the tail end of a thunderstorm which, unfortunately, kept us from enjoying the grounds of the property. We settled in to the comfortable surroundings and had the best night's sleep of our trip. The next morning we had an incredible breakfast and great conversation with the owner before leaving to start our day. I have stayed at B&Bs and have not particularly enjoyed them. As a frequent business traveler, they really aren't my thing. Although I was vacationing on this trip, the atmosphere was not the same as we weren't renting just a room, we had the whole lower level of the house with our own private entrance. It seemed like home away from home. I very much enjoyed our brief stay and would definitely stay again for business or personal travel. I highly recommend adding this lodging stop to anyone's journey. You won't be disappointed!

August 2016
 Full Bed & Breakfast,, 8 Wooded  Quiet Acres, near AFA - family/dog friendly
Full Bed & Breakfast,, 8 Wooded Quiet Acres, near AFA - family/dog friendly
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