Not 'Executive', needs maintenance
This was our most disappointing VRBO experience. The house is a great space and a good location, but neglect has taken its toll. Overgrown bushes at the front along with the torn storm door screen were a good indication of what to expect. Not sure when the windows were last cleaned (or the frames painted) but any view was hampered by cobweb covered screens. The ensuite bathroom floor tiles were worn to the point that there was no surface, the bath had rust stains and the sink enamel chipped. Hardly any of he closet doors worked properly. The kitchen cupboards and drawers were overflowing with kitchenware in various conditions but the age and poor state of the dishwasher probably was the reason that everything was less than sparkling. The fridge has also seen better days, missing shelves. The cupboards were so full that there was no room to store groceries other than on the kitchen table. The under sink base unit was not in the best shape and contained a plastic bucket and bowls, the reason for these became clear after a couple of days when I walked onto the soggy kitchen rug and found the bucket and bowls full of water, A phone call to the owner, who mentioned something about a recent water softener repair and that we were not to worry if it didn't happen again. At this phone call I also told him about taking delivery of a new dryer at 7.30 on Saturday evening (our dinner time) and though the old one was taken away, we had to deal with many years of built up dryer lint left all over the kitchen and laundry room. This is when we discovered that the central vacuum worked poorly. Tried a general mid-week clean up, carpet vacuuming impossible. The maintenance people mentioned in the info never showed up and the grass was quite long. The next door neighbour took pity on us and mowed the grass at the back (down to the lake) when he was going his, we got out the mower to cut the grass around the fire pit. The games room is also crammed with stuff, most of it in poor repair, the pool table basically has three legs. The bicycle brakes just about worked, but not the gears. On the last morning the kitchen sinks backed up to almost overflowing, again a phone call to the owner, 'water softener' the reason Paid for end of stay cleaning, didn't want to be responsible for trying to make the place look ok. Would not recommend this property to anyone as it is right now, there is only so much that can be excused because its 'the cottage', a shame, it could be great.

August 2016
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage  - Prince Edward County
Wellers Bay Waterfront Country Cottage - Prince Edward County
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