RENTER BEWARE....This company and the owner are crooks. I stayed at the "Beach Gem"
First of all, we were told that the road going to the house had been destroyed by the Hurricane, but my SUV with 4WD would have no problem getting to the house....WRONG. After getting stuck we spent the first 3 hours of our vacation getting unstuck from the sand, which cost us $250. After calling every car and jeep rental place on the East Coast we finally found 1 Jeep over an hour away in Daytona available at $150 a night, so there is an extra $1,050 we had to spend just to get to the house. After finally getting to the house around 8:00 PM, we realized the master bedroom had water running from the ceiling into the floor due to a broken AC, the shower didn't work, and the box that controls the TV did not work.....That was day 1. It took 2 days to get the AC in the master bedroom fixed and the shower and TV never got fixed because the owner wouldn't approve the expense, so my parents who are in their 70s had to come down stairs to watch any TV and share a shower with our friends who were staying with us. My father had to wait at the house every single day waiting for some sort of worker to show up to attempt to fix the issues. He never got to leave the house for a fun lunch at a beach bar all week. Day 3 we had a guest forced from a bedroom because a storm came through and water was pouring into his bedroom because the window frame had a major leak and had obviously not been fixed since the storm. Day 4 one of the 2 AC's down stairs went out, so the temperature in the main living area and 5 bedrooms was anywhere from 90 degrees in the bedroom I originally had slept in but had to move to an 80 degrees room on the "Cooler" side of the main living area. Now we have 6 people showering in 1 bathroom due to the shower upstairs being broke and it being too hot to shower in the other rooms. We had 2 guest that had driven at least 8 hours each to spend time with us leave because they had enough. Day 5....The master TV breaks in the main living area, so we did not get to use the main TV in the living area for the final 3 days. This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a vacation. Needless to say, we all need a real one. We have yet to get our deposit back and the owner has refused to compensate us properly for our lost vacation and out of pocket expenses. I waited over 2 weeks and 20 phone calls to post this because I was confident the company/owner would do right.

June 2017
Beach Gem, 6 Bedrooms, Ocean Front,  Sleeps 14, Pet Friendly
Beach Gem, 6 Bedrooms, Ocean Front, Sleeps 14, Pet Friendly
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