A Casual Approach to Cleanliness
We gave this rental home two stars for two reasons: the cleanliness (or lack thereof) and the uncomfortable beds. We have rented many similarly priced houses, apartments, and condos over the years and would rate all of those places with 4 or even 5 stars, including a house in Costa Rica that had no running water for our first 24 hours there. Unfortunately this one was so bad we left after two nights (we were supposed to stay four). We are not clean freaks, but the dirt, dust, and grime that covered just about everything from the kitchen cabinets, to the microwave, to the crud-encrusted light switches was too much for us. There was soap with what looked like hair on it left behind in one bathroom and a used toothbrush in the other; the bath towels were dingy and threadbare, and the bathmat was gray with age. The grill tools were caked with old food, and the covering for the table outdoors was dirty and stained. I could go on. I know Melodie likes to use organic and earth-friendly cleaning products, and that’s commendable. But the dishes we pulled out of the cabinet were not clean and we had to hand wash them before using them. (I did a load using her dishwasher soap, and they didn’t come clean either.) When I contacted Melodie about a refund for the nights we would not be there, she immediately said yes. (Which I appreciated greatly.) Then, later, she offered to come to the house and clean. But since it seems she was the one who cleaned in the first place (not a professional service), I could not see the point of that. As for the beds, one is advertised as firm; it is like sleeping on plywood. The only other bed in a bedroom is lumpily soft; our 15-year-old son slept badly there. Our daughter (age 10) liked the trundle, which is in the living room under the front window. The place IS close to the beach, which is great. And we liked using the bikes and the boogie boards. The beach chairs were moldy with broken straps, but we were glad to have them nonetheless. I see there are many 5-star reviews for this place. We cannot figure out why. Unless it gets a super cleaning beyond the promised sage cleansing (Melodie burns dried sage to eliminate odors) I cannot recommend it. Melodie was gracious enough to give us back the money for the two nights we had to spend elsewhere, and I am grateful for that. I just wish we had been warned of what to expect, which is why I felt the need to post this review.

September 2011
 Beautiful, SPACIOUS, ECO  2Bd/2Ba   1 block to Venice Beach
Beautiful, SPACIOUS, ECO 2Bd/2Ba 1 block to Venice Beach
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