We love the view!!!
We are all about the view but several other things stand out. The owners very much made this their home, lots of nice touches that made us feel "at home". We liked that, definitely not a time share or commercial feel. Lots of toys to use and we would have added to these nice things, but we met family for another week at the big time share, and still needed them. We like the "Hawaii feel" and don't like to use the A/C and here we never turned it on, GREAT! At the time share the air was continually on, noisy and we lost the outdoor feel. Great Lenai, always ate breakfast and dinner there, Beautiful view! First day it took all of ten minutes to find the whales, but after getting re acquainted the sightings became easier. We did notice quite a bit of noise, lots of bird activity and not really noise at all. The only issue at all was the elevator "hammer". I ignored it ( being almost deaf, my wife took a bit longer to get used to it). A big thing to us we noticed when we moved, was the large amount of people at the time share. This condo did not feel so busy with lots of people. Don't mis understand there are lots of people and functions should you choose, the time share was busy! All in all we give it an A rating, it would have been an A+ had it not been for the elevator. The view balanced the elevator as we loved the view. You can not go wrong here....GREAT!!!

March 2017
Up to 25% OFF!!  Kihei Akahi 1 BR # C609
Up to 25% OFF!! Kihei Akahi 1 BR # C609
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