What a great place to relax and watch the sunrise or set. Highly recommended.
We flew to Arizona to surprise my daughter, and her family.. not only were they surprised about being able to spend the weekend with us but we were able to hang out in a castle. My grand babies are 2, 5 and 2 months. The children had so much fun exploring the castle and property. We spent our time hanging out around the table, playing games, laughing and enjoying each others company. We grilled out, enjoyed playing pool and making memories around the fire, watching the sunrise and set and have tons of pictures to remember our amazing trip. My youngest daughter absolutely loved the princess tower. She immediately chose to sleep in the tower as soon as she laid eyes on it. We could have never had the experience and fun that we did if we had stayed in a hotel. This is a fantastic home away from home and I will stay here again when we travel to Arizona in the future. The owner was very welcoming and added to the wonderful experience. I highly recommend the property. Thank you for making our stay unforgettable.

February 2017
Mollohan Castle =   Mountain side seclusion, Desert Beauty
Mollohan Castle = Mountain side seclusion, Desert Beauty
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