Elegant and Comfortable Retreat
Our extended family enjoyed a wonderful vacation at this beautiful and well appointed manor house. There were 18 of us, but the house could have accommodated much more. On the first floor, there is a spacious family room replete with bar, two TVs, and a large gas fire place. The travertine kitchen has all the essentials, with an adjacent dining room. There are two bedrooms on this floor and the remaining seven bedrooms are on the second and third floors. On the second floor there is a subkitchen, little nooks for intimate conversations, and a terrific view of the area below, including the lake. Zeke did a great job balancing his availability and our privacy. He gave us a tour of the facilities, provided fresh towels, and even helped arrange for chains and shuttling up and down the hill following a snow storm. There is no need to drive into the town as it is a beautiful, ten-minute walk. This is a great place for a large group who is seeking a retreat in elegance and comfort.

January 2017
9 Bedrooms, Sleeps 30+  Walk to Arrowhead Village
9 Bedrooms, Sleeps 30+ Walk to Arrowhead Village
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