Paradise view
This was our fourth time to SBR and this condo was on the upper end. Our first stay was in a bad one and this one was way better. Had some reno to it with the granite countertops and newer cupboards. Also tile floors and reasonably clean carpet in living room. Also, toilet was making dribble sound due to bad filler unit which needs replacing. Had to keep bathroom door closed or it would keep you up a night. Still though, sugar beach condos are showing there ware and tear but did not affect the stay quality. Condos are well equipped and this one had some beach stuff which was nice. The grounds and facilities at SBR are top notch. Great pool and hot tub with very little crowdiness which is great. Kids are there but not bad. Views are unbeatable and is why we come back year after year. I look forward to that view every morning and evening and will miss it. Sunsets are best around Xmas as the suns sets over the ridgeline in the spring. Still cannot beat the view. Did not see any whales this time but have in the past. Still love sugar beach but I wish the rates were a little cheaper. You do save some money going through VRBO as opposed to booking through CRH directly and eventually the reservation goes through CRH anyways so best to book through VRBO. Will miss the island views but exhange rates for Canadians it getting crazy expensive. May have to find somewhere else to go that is not hammered by the American dollar. Can't wait for the Can Dollar to improve as I love to vacation in the USA and would be nice to retire there at some point. LOVE sugar beach.

April 2017
Up to 25% OFF!!! Sugar Beach Resort 1BD Ocean Front  #PH26
Up to 25% OFF!!! Sugar Beach Resort 1BD Ocean Front #PH26
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