So many improvements needed
I've stayed at a few homeaway sites. This was my first and most poor homeaway experience. My son and I were staying here. There was only 1 wash cloth. The bathroom tub mat was filthy. I was nervous to put my barefeet on it. I went to the 99 cents store around the corner and brought a new one. And more wash cloths. All the linen was old, from the bathroom linen to the bedding. The bedding had holes in the corners. I always check the mattress anywhere I go. There were no immediate signs of bed bugs on the mattress, under the mattress cover and the box spring. But every night I was restless from scratching my arms. I woke up on the 2nd night of my stay with bite marks all over both of my arms and scratches from me breaking the skin. I would post pictures of my arms if icould. Reason I'm giving it 2 stars is b/c of the kitchen and Dali was kind enough to allow us to check in early. We were visiting from the east coast and was super jet lagged when we got in.

August 2016
Lovely New  Guest House In La
Lovely New Guest House In La
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