Stay over MLK weekend
We stay in many cabins from the Lakemont Pines to Bear Valley area. Booked our MLK weekend ski trip too late and came across this cabin. We were very disappointed in our stay. The listing description was only partially accurate and does not really show much of the actual cabin. I would not recommend this cabin to anyone unless the owner makes a few changes and updates. 1. The driveway was not plowed but the street had been. It made it nearly impossible for our 4 wheel drive with new snow tires (we are experienced snow drivers) to get in the driveway. It took a long time to get over the plow line and we slipped all over. There are trees on both sides making it more difficult. 2. The owner left lights and music on for our arrival BUT NO HEAT. A note on the fridge says only use fire stove because wall heaters "will blow a fuse" An excellent stove but the house was so cold we could see our breath. It took half the night to warm. Arriving Friday evening meant, we slept fully clothed with hats our first night. 3. The 2nd bedroom upstairs was freezing and had a low very dusty and spider webby ceiling so our kids slept downstairs by the fire on an old couch and sitting chair. None of us wanted to be up there. 4. The cabin is surface wiped clean but everything has such a deep dust and the carpet is so badly worn and stained. 5. The main bedroom was cold without wall heater use and the bed very uncomfortable. 6. It has so much potential as it is could be cute, cozy and it is historic, but the furniture is very old and worn, the carpets are stained and worn and the lack of common courtesy like heat and a driveway plow make it out of the question for our family. I realize the price is low, but it should not be a rental as is. Raise the price a bit, hire a cleaning service to clean and turn on the heat for guest arrivals, buy warm full size blankets, replace the carpet or pull out, offer guests info to pay for a plow at least, remove the spider webs and dust from the popcorn ceiling. Fortunately, the skiing at Bear was great or else we would have left early.

January 2017
Wellness Cabin nestled in  a grove of big trees
Wellness Cabin nestled in a grove of big trees
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