Extremely rude owner!!!
My wife, myself, and our 6 month old son were in Montreal for immigration purposes. We had been staying at hotels, however we figured we would stay outside of the city sice the grand prix was going on. We had messaged Maria(the owner) the day of and she advised us of the availablity and we would be able to stay at her property for the time we needed and we had a choice to either pay via vrbo or through e-transfer. She advised me that if we paid e-transfer we would be saving money and not paying fees that vrbo charges. She then sent several emails showing, one of which showed two amounts due that day. We sent her the first amount, but within the hour she called me stating she would rather have the full amount instead of the two different amounts to make things easier. So we had to call the bank and cancel the one transfer and make another, but in order to do so this would take an hour for the bank to cancel the first amount. Maria had already sent me the address, so my wife and I had already started the 90 minute drive with our 6 month old son.We arrived in Mont-Tremblont and were about 7 minutes away from the property when Maria had called and stated she was cancelling our rental because she "called our bank and they told her our address was fraud". Keep in mind this is impossible, its called PCI compliance. Banks will not and cannot give out someone elses information. I advised maria that this was impossible information for her to have and its not correct, plus we had already sent her the full amount so her cancelling with us already being down the street would not only be a huge inconvinence but very rude. Maria said we can come to her house and we can discuss the situation, but no promises that we can stay there. As you can imagine we are very confused at this point. We arrived at the VRBO and Maria again advised me that "our bank said we were fraud" and "she never recieved payment". My wife( with our 6 month old son in her arms)showed her proof that payment was sent but she refused to even look at the proof and was extremely rude and advised us she had already found another place for us to stay and was trying to give me the address. After some exchange of words, I took the address as it was already past 5 and we were in a foreign province with no family or friends thousands of miles away. I drive to the address she gave and found it was the information center!! DO NOT rent from her! Ive complained to VRBO about her and there's a pending case..

September 2016
Gorgeous/Peaceful Cottage on the mountain with deers.  Best prices  IronMan 2017
Gorgeous/Peaceful Cottage on the mountain with deers. Best prices IronMan 2017
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