Great Vacation Spot if visiting the Lake!
Joyce and Peggy were a pleasure! I was coordinating multiple things at once and my arrival time was changing non-stop and they were very flexible with the check-in time the day of my arrival. They said "enjoy what you are doing, don't rush, we will be here whenever you arrive". The place was amazing! If you are looking for the most luxury place is the world- this is not the place-that being said, this is one of the reasons that it was such an awesome stay. The two bedrooms are furnished with comfortable beds, nice dressers and bi folding door closet space (all which looks to be new within the past year or two). I mentioned that this is NOT the most luxury place because it gives the warm feeling of being a lake house cabin. You really feel like the time that you are there, it is your place. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a family vacation or getaway with friends for this location. in addition to the front deck, there is a large clearing for a patio set and then a large fire pit. We originally were not planning on spending much time in this place at all- but since it was so inviting and relaxing, we enjoyed a lot more of our vacation on the property than anticipated. Thank you Joyce, Peggy, and "doorbell".

August 2016
Just a few dates left!  Book soon!
Just a few dates left! Book soon!
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