Wow, what a great low key place to stay!!!!!
This condo home was such an excellent low key place to stay. We're very low maintenance people so this was perfect! We wanted to treat this place like it was ours. The homeowner keeps it nice and cozy. She has some of personal effects there, which for us, was fine and we respected that. She had many amenities ready for guest (us) so it was like home away from home! We did not mind that she had some food stocks and spices as it helped until we could go to one of the supermarkets close by. Even though not far from Honolulu (35 miles), because of the freeway system and speed limits, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour and half to go either back of forth. But, since I am familiar with the island, it's worth it!!! We loved the solitude and being out of the shark smorgasbord cattle ranch called Waikiki. We had our own "private beach" with enough fish and turtles to keep us entertained for hours. There is no need to go snorkeling anywhere else on the island. Even though it rained off and on all day throughout the island, it never rained in Makaha. There's good surfing just west over at Makaha Beach. For me, if there were windsurfers supplied, I would have been in heaven! But, that is for casual sailing. If you want the wind, then head over to the Kailua side. We liked being based out Makaha. It is a bit of a rougher neighborhood but just use your streets smarts if you have any, lol. We had no need to go anywhere in the evenings expect to this awesome Private Idaho! Although the military base divides Farrington Hwy, we didn't mind going around the mountain range to hit North Shore. I have family and friends back towards town so we drove back and forth everyday and just kept it island mellow! Our first night, as we entered the condo, my fiance was about to turn on the lights. Knowing what to expect, I said, "wait" and guided her through to the lanai. We had the cliche full moon with it's light reflection on the water and sand, waves lapping on the beach... She was breathless and said, "how romantic!" In the evenings, the winds kept the place cool from front to back and during the day from back to front, at least during the month we were there. Easy to get to. Keys are very accessible and there is a guard on duty. It's nice to have secured parking and the wireless was great. We will look forward to coming out again. We've contemplated even buying a unit in this building. Even for a local, this is a great getaway!

August 2014
Fabulous Oceanfront Beach Hide-Away -  Romantic & Serene Residence Condo
Fabulous Oceanfront Beach Hide-Away - Romantic & Serene Residence Condo
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