What a vacation!
So my family vacation took an interesting toll by having to call 911 halfway through and requiring emergency surgery on top of that. My husband and 3 children made the best of our "vacation" while I was at Watugua Medical Center and then transferred to Charlotte. The owner was SO accommodating and kind, offering up her rental as my husband was frantically trying to find a place once this weekly rental was up and we were over 12 hours away from home. Thank you so much Tamara!!! Your kindness will always be remembered. Before "that night" we enjoyed our time and loved the beautiful scenic views of the river. The house was very well kept and the location was great! I would recommend to families looking to getaway and enjoy some outdoor time with the family :)

October 2016
Beautiful Riverside Getaway  ***20% off Weekday Special***
Beautiful Riverside Getaway ***20% off Weekday Special***
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