My secret hideaway! Shhhhhh....
Honestly? I am not sure my vocabulary is large enough to express how great this cabin is. It is not only as pictured? it's better! It is warm, welcoming and complete...but oh my ...when you step out on the deck? You won't want to leave....ever! It is clean, stocked, the beds are nice and cozy. Bring food and clothes. The rest is there...and I mean it, whatever you need? It's there. Debbie is the perfect hostess! Quick trip into to Tahoe...lose or win? Always fun. Gas station is nearby (quirky little place!)...for ice, soda, half and half (which we forgot!) Within walking distance if you like living on the edge! Traffic whizzing by you but we made it! Patience is KEY when you want to turn left onto 50!! Breathe....wait for it....your turn will come. I really should delete this, give it one star and write horrible things....because now it will be booked the next time I want to escape! Alas, I can't...I am missing it already. Fabulous! Book it now! (or I will!)

September 2016
River Front Property  close to Sierra Ski Ranch
River Front Property close to Sierra Ski Ranch
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