Ideal for us
I can see how the house is ideal for quite a range of situations. It certainly was for ours - annual gathering of immediate family of parents, three adult children, one with spouse, one with dog, age range 28-41. Wonderful space with the bedrooms large enough to provide a private space when necessary, the living room and dinning room large enough to both provide a comfortable gathering space. Since this is the one time per year that we are all in the same place at the same time, each of these elements are important. We're all modern professionals and true down time can be hard to come by. The house provided the perfect environment for recharging and simply enjoying each others company. We are outdoorsy and active, but not winter sports fans. Having a short stroll into town was great and up the hill is Sunset Rock which provided a good woods hike in the snow. For us, the greatest reason to make arrangements like this is access to a full kitchen. We are a family of picky eaters - from strict vegans to snooty gourmands - with varying schedules and metabolisms. Dinning out can often be a pain, especially in smaller towns or rural areas and it's not unusual for us to prepare all of our meals in. The simple and spacious kitchen and the wonderful stove made meal prep and eating - both can be a constant activity for us - a real pleasure. In short the home was ideal for us - provided exactly what we needed, was exactly as advertised - and would be for just about everyone. We would highly recommend. A few pieces of advice: don't miss Black Cap coffee or the Stowe Public House for snacks and beer, Cork if you're into wines. If you are seriously into natural foods be sure to hit Commodities for groceries early on. If, like us, you have coffee and/or tea ready all the time be sure to stop for water before getting to the house - we went through nearly twenty gallons in six days.

December 2016
Walk To The Village, Take  Shuttle to Stowe Mtn & Cook On A Garland Stove.
Walk To The Village, Take Shuttle to Stowe Mtn & Cook On A Garland Stove.
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