Almost didn't get a summer vacation, glad we did!
I teach elementary school students, and was asked to teach four theater classes a day to the summer camp, only catch, they couldn't pay me, "But the kids really need it." Giving up my vacation, I said yes, but then at the end, realized my 10-year-old was in need of a getaway. He knew that once school starts, and my after school teaching artist outreach starts, it means NO vacation. So, we decided to spend the last two days doing something different. We were so blessed that there was something like this cabin available at the last minute. It was beautiful, had all WE needed, and a had a great view. We went to scout out camping spots for our next trip and check out the rafting. What an amazing area! It may have blown our budget for the next year, but it was well worth it. The summer camp kids got free drama classes, my son got a vacation, and my husband and I got a lovely stay in the mountains. Great way to end the summer.

July 2014
Spectacular View  - Beautiful House
Spectacular View - Beautiful House
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