A terrific lower-level basement of a lovely family home
This rental clearly belongs to a lovely family home on a great location of the lake, but you should be acutely aware that it is indeed only the lower-portion of a family's larger vacation home that you are renting. While the lake-side of this vacation rental is terrific (nice views, great dock, large deck), the rental feels no different than a basement when inside. The constantly running dehumidifiers (valiantly fighting the below-ground odors), mismatched and overly-cluttered furniture, after-thought kitchen and the stairs leading up to the locked first floor are constant reminders that you are indeed in a subordinate-level environment. If you expect this and know that it is the bottom/basement-level-only of a wonderful house, you will enjoy yourself undoubtedly. Since our stay some of the description has changed here (we had a conversation about expectations with the very-nice owner) for the better and it now spells out more clearly what you are getting into, but still missing is the idea that when it rains, you and your family will be eating on the floor because the only "dining room" is a large plastic table on the deck. Let me be very clear, this is a wonderful family vacation home. It's hard to imagine anyone finding issue with it...but from our experience, this truly wonderful family home should remain a wonderful family home. She's just not quite ready for renting out to strangers with expectations that can range so widely. There's clearly too much history of fantastic times in it for this family to think anything needs to change within it. But it needs some more objective attention before it submits itself to the use of those with expectations when money is involved.

August 2016
Four Season Home on Beautiful Lake Rescue Minutes  from Okemo Mountain
Four Season Home on Beautiful Lake Rescue Minutes from Okemo Mountain
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