Well located and comfortable - has potential to be great
The apartment is very comfortable and well located. It is approximately 20 minutes from the University of Arizona (which is where we worked). Beds are comfortable, the lounge suite is also very comfortable. There is no DVD player which my children were disappointed with but, cable TV is provided with tonnes of channels. The kitchen is small as is the area to dine. It was difficult for the 4 of us to sit at the table and eat together (we have 2 skinny children). THis apartment is upstairs. The complex has a lovely swimming pool and 2 spa pools. Very few people used these amenities so it felt like we had the pool and spa to ourselves. The average rating is because of the significant delays in response from the owners. Most of my enquiries were not answered (and still have not been answered, one month after leaving). The air conditioner stopped working; a person came to fix it; advised that the filter needed replacing; owners didn't think so; the air conditioner remained 'broken' for the rest of our stay! We stopped contacting the owners because they rarely responded to emails. In terms of layout, couples who are sharing this apartment would want to know that the main bedroom is on the mezzanine level - you can look down into the lounge. We purchased a clothes air drier - seems crazy with all that sun not to use it to dry clothes naturally - only used the machine drier for smalls. A desk (even a small one) to work at would be useful for those who, like us, were there primarily to work.

December 2016
U Of A Parents and Fans!  Gem Show!  2017 Winter/Spring Vacancy!
U Of A Parents and Fans! Gem Show! 2017 Winter/Spring Vacancy!
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