We stayed for six miserable nights, and considered leaving and going home many times over. The first thing we did upon arrival is go to the bathrooms. I found a live mouse in the bath tub. The bath tub/shower were very dirty and and mold everywhere. i removed the mouse to the outside and set him free. Spent the next few minutes convincing the girls to stay. After the mouse incident we checked the beds. One of the beds had stains on the sheets and one had holes in the blankets and sheets from mice chewing on them. We ended up sleeping in sleeping bags. The cupboards and the oven had mouse droppings in them so we tried to barbecue but that was taken over by hornets. The barbecue was filthy and had to be cleaned and the hornets killed with insecticide we bought in McCloud. At night, when the house would cool down to a balmy 90 degrees (no AC) we could watch the mice moving back and fourth on the kitchen floors. The television did not have a connection to cable or ROCU as stated in the description but we were lucky enough to bring some DVDs. As much as I love the McCloud and Mount Shasta area we were very happy to leave this miserable property but left it cleaner then when we arrived. We informed the owner of our experience and he promised to refund $150.00 of the rent we paid but the check bounced. We do not care about the refund but we want to warn other people of this nasty place!

August 2016
Sale on 7 Night Stays in August  Mt. Shasta - McCloud  -  2.5 Private Acres
Sale on 7 Night Stays in August Mt. Shasta - McCloud - 2.5 Private Acres
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