Didn't disappoint. Fantastic stay.
We really enjoyed our stay at this cottage. The management was quick to respond with our last minute booking. We enjoyed the sound of waves all night from the cottage full of windows. Our stay was in middle of October. Being the windward said of the island the breeze/winds were present in the morning and night, but on a clear morning we were able to very much enjoy a walk on the beach during sunrise. Otherwise we would watch it from the cottage as we ate breakfast. We spent most of the days exploring the island, on our last day we drove all around looking for the best beach to snorkle at, found ourself right back at the beach outside the cottage. The water was clear, the coral reefs were fun and swimming with some sea turtles sealed the excitement. We followed a large one around for several minites. It was amazing. Aso we looked forward to use of the snorkeling equipment we were surprised that the last guest never washed them out. We spent about 20 min scrubbing them and cleaning caked on sand from the masks and gear. The parking was easy, the apartment was furnished well. They provided great beach towels which was super helpful. There was only vegetable oil to cook with, which is not my favorite, we only stayed a few days so it wasn't worth purchasing other stuff. Also there was no salt. Again, minor but may have to have make a separate trip back out. one the grocery store, if you are going to take advantage of the kitchen. The other thing is you are asked to clean some of the towels and there was no detergent to use or buy, so we had to make another special trip out just for detergent. We loves this place. We loved, loved, loved it. We would be recommending this vacation rental and we have already said we would be back here ourselves.

October 2016
BEACHFRONT  Cottage (second floor) steps off the beach
BEACHFRONT Cottage (second floor) steps off the beach
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