The happie camper was exactly what we hoped!
Edisto Beach State Park is one of the few campgrounds in the Carolinas where you can stay steps from the beach. My wife and I have been coming here every year for the last 8 years. It is hot here in the summer, and sleeping in a tent is not very comfortable to say the least. In addition to the heat, there can be some pretty serious rainfall. We have envied most of our camping neighbors in their rv's, and hope to invest in one ourselves sometime soon. When I saw the price of the campsite was now over $50 per night, I checked VRBO to see how much more it would cost for a house. Turns out it is not that much more to rent a little house or condo if you don't need to be right on the beach. But we do need to be right on the beach! The happie camper was the first thing that popped up on my search and looked perfect. We rolled into our site to find the camper all set up with the bed made and the a/c on. There were also a couple of delicious homemade brownies in the fridge with a welcome note on them, as well as some crackers and a couple of bottles of water. The kitchen is spacious and covered by the back hatch, so you can still cook comfortably even if it is raining. The sink is a little awkward to use, as the faucet is really low and short. It is challenging to do the dishes. Don't forget to check and empty the gray water bucket under the sink when you've been using it! The hot plate stove is a little slow to get going, but once it does it is a nice even heat and good to cook with. A grill would be a nice addition or available option. The inside of the trailer is cozy and is meant for just sleeping or resting. Tall people would probably not be able to fully stretch out in the bed. The bed is okay. It is a futon, with a foam pad underneath. A little sag in the middle, but not too bad. We slept pretty well, thanks to the a/c. During the heat of a summer day the a/c seemed to have a little trouble keeping up, and although it is cooler in the trailer, it was still a little too warm to take a nice cool nap if you wanted to. We found we were more comfortable under our shade on the beach with the nice breeze. Jill and Ginger are very nice and gracious hosts. They made sure we knew they were available, and even treated us to some snacks from their happie truck that cruises the campground selling ice cream and delicious boiled peanuts. If we don't have our own rv before next year's visit we will be staying in the happie camper again! Thank you Jill and Ginger!

August 2016
The Happie Camper! Luxury  Camping With Full Outdoor Kitchen.
The Happie Camper! Luxury Camping With Full Outdoor Kitchen.
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