I can not say enough nice things about the property as well as the owners. The house is immaculate and beautiful. The high rise ceilings with ceiling fans throughout made it so comfortable we didn't even have to turn the air conditioner on. The owners even have a partially stocked refrigerator and cupboards if you needed something, the laundry room is a savior and they even had some laundry soap for us to use. We were greeted when we got their and they showed us all around. Inside on the table was a box of nuts for us with a nice card saying "we hope you enjoy your stay". What a nice touch. The owners couldn't be any nicer. My husband and I enjoyed visiting with them and listening to all of their stories. They also put food out one night so that I could see the fox that they have living on the grounds. They are so sweet they even take care of an injured swan to provide a better life for it. I have nothing bad at all to say about the house, grounds or the owners. I even felt a little sad when we left because my husband and I felt like we were part of the family and I knew I was going to miss Jack and Julie. I know whoever stays here is going to be pleasantly surprised and have a great time. We took lots of day trips while we were here and Cheybogan is centrally located and all of our trips were between 1/2 hr and 2 hrs... Traverse City and Torch Lake being the furthest. I wish Jack and Julie nothing but the best with their rental and hope they meet lots of nice people in the years to come. I know we did.

July 2015
 Clean 1 Bedroom Cottage On The Cheboygan River-600 Ft + Front age - Sleeps  4
Clean 1 Bedroom Cottage On The Cheboygan River-600 Ft + Front age - Sleeps 4
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