Such a Beautiful Getaway
My girlfriend prodded me into taking a vacation during the time that she was off work. She works for a school system, so we found ourselves leaving town during Presidents' Day weekend. I left all of the planning up to her; she said that she found a cute little place for us to stay up north, and, for what it was worth, I was excited. We arrived on Friday afternoon and pulled up to our new home for the weekend. I found it hard to keep my mouth shut: I asked her if 'that was the shipping container that we'd be sleeping in.' Oh my, how I was wrong. Yes, the cabin looks tiny and metal on the outside. It's far from that once approached. As I walked up to the door, my apprehension turned to absolute delight. We walked in to our adorable little weekend home and settled in. Harold's Resort Cabin #6 has a delightfully cozy bed (I'm pretty sure they put pillows under the sheets, because I've never slept so soundly) a cute little kitchen with gas stoves (I don't even have gas stoves at home!) and adorable decorations everywhere. There's a gas fireplace that keeps the place toasty-warm at all times, too! We spent the long weekend here, exploring traverse city, snowboarding at Caberfae, hiking through the northern wilderness, and just enjoying our time together. I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to get close to their significant other. It is absolutely beautiful up there; so much so that it defies words. Kathy is amazing, and responded immediately to our inquiries. I could not have imagined a more perfect vacation. I can't wait to stay there again. -Kevin V. and Mary L.

February 2012
BEST BEACH Harolds Resort: Log Cabin:  Sat to Sat Summer Rentals
BEST BEACH Harolds Resort: Log Cabin: Sat to Sat Summer Rentals
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