Safety & Security

We work hard to give you peace of mind.

We have integrated trust and safety features throughout our site.
By working together we can safeguard our marketplace.

Secure Messaging

We never give out your contact information. Your privacy is safe with us.

Profile & Reviews

Read detailed profiles and reviews from real travellers.

Onsite Tracking

Record and track reservations and payments.

Security you can trust

A Secure Platform

We strongly encourage our travellers to use our secure payments system. It guarantees that the funds submitted are valid and traceable should something go wrong. We know that peace of mind is everything.

A Private Messaging System

Our messaging system prevents anyone from accessing your personal contact information so your privacy is safe with us. Getting to know each other before you stay is an important part of being really comfortable with staying in a vacation rental and we ensure your conversations are protected.

A Dedicated Risk Prevention Team

We have an experienced Risk Prevention team committed to monitoring suspicious activity in our community. We are always on the lookout for activity that doesn't meet our standards, and we take swift action to mitigate the risk on either side.