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Saint John is a city like no other. Rent a condo in the city centre and be in the heart of old world charm on the streets of Uptown Saint John. As the oldest incorporated city in Canada, you will be immersed in hundreds of years of history coupled with a modern and vibrant charm. From your condo location you will delight in incredible dining, have access to memorable entertainment, and be at the footsteps of striking historic sites. If you have come to Saint John for the uniquely rich natural habitat, you won’t be disappointed. Rent a condo and bear witness to the rising and ebbing tides in the Bay of Fundy right from your window. This natural phenomenon pours a hundred billion tons of water, equal to all the water that flows in every river on Earth, in and out of the Bay of Fundy every 24 hours. Rent a condo and watch this twice-daily phenomenon unfold leaving behind a rich and dynamic after effect that is yours to explore.

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