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St Kitts is a world unto its own to discover. With more than a quarter of the island designated a National Park, a rainforest that is actually growing in size rather than shrinking, and being an island surrounded by untouched dive sites, St Kitts is a nature-lovers paradise. Immerse yourself in wildlife from chattering vervet monkeys and scurrying families of mongoose, to roaming cows, goats, and black-bellied sheep that roam the forests and fields of St Kitts. Or hike up Sofa Rock and perch on top of the cap of a now dormant volcano, then be guided down 1000 feet to the steaming crater floor. Zip line over the rainforest and see the canopy of trees on St Kitts that protect the wildlife below. And when all is said and done, relax on one of the pristine white-sand beaches that surround St Kitts and make it a destination like no other. Make sure you browse through the listings on St Kitts and pick the one that is right for you and your family. Choose from condo rentals, vacation homes and hotel resorts, and make your vacation one to remember.

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